Bluetooth – The Mind-blowing History Behind!


Bluetooth is among the most valuable wireless transmission technology nowadays, especially for file transfers and abutting moveable audio systems. Why the name Bluetooth was introduced? What is the interesting background behind the invention of Bluetooth Technology?

King Harold Bluetooth

The term comes from the appellation of the Danish king Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson. He gathered the tribes of Denmark into a single kingdom through a non-agitated dialogue. Hence, they unified Denmark and Norway. We still admire him as a good iconic image. Nobody is aware of the genuine origin of baron Harald’s soubriquet. However, historians speculate he had a decayed dark blue tooth.

Well, Jim Kardach of Intel Corporation proposed the idea of this name. Interestingly, he was reading the historical novel ‘The Long Ships’ during that time, which was about King Harold.

Notable Features

This is a startling wireless innovation that has taken a level higher the hands-free communications. For those of you bobbling around with simply a handset, below are some of the cool features of Bluetooth:

  • Wireless
  • Affordable
  • Easy Automation
  • The Wireless Standard
  • Minimal interference
  • Energy Efficient
  • Data Sharing
  • Voice Communications
  • Personal Area network
  • Scalable
  • Universal

Future of Bluetooth

It is one of the finest inventions of modern times. There is not a single day where we skip using this technology. Bluetooth works with the aid of sending data over extremely high radio waves with restricted bands. Bluetooth typically operates over brief distances to preserve vigor. Above all, it has never failed to meet the safety and security guidelines to date in any of the adopted devices.

As it uses low signals, the power consumption is very less. There is no complaint about compatibility as well as it can seamlessly integrate with any brand and device. Hence, the protocol defined for Bluetooth allows it to be updated with ease. These timely upgrades provide additional features and compatible with earlier forms.

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AOMAIS Sport II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Well, there is no doubt why Bluetooth technology got its name where connectivity is the key to existence.

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