Keto Diet Recipes

Keto Diet Recipes

Do you have any Keto Diet Recipes experience reading this column? Women’s worries are endless. Rough skin, constipation, stiff shoulders, diet, menstrual cramps, etc. Among them, diet is always a problem to be ranked high. A diet that women care about …

Women, who feel that way, why don’t you start a diet together?

This time, we will deliver a column for everyone who has such a single-minded feeling, “Don’t give up on a diet!”

Please read it to the end and make use of it.

  • Features of a carbohydrate-restricted diet

What to eat for breakfast, how many hours to eat, that is good, and if this is good, there is no end to the topic of dieting, but the focus is on the “carbohydrate-restricted diet. ”

The difference from the conventional diet method is that you can lose weight while getting closer to your health.

Did you notice that “this is amazing!”

Also, don’t you think , “Diet is painful, it doesn’t last long, my skin is rough, I’m trying hard but I lose weight from my chest, and it’s stressful!”

I want you to try it.

That is the “carbohydrate restriction diet” .

This way you won’t lose weight from your chest and your skin won’t get rough. Rather, as the body approaches health, there are changes in weight and body shape.

  • Types of carbohydrate-restricted diets

There are two types of “carbohydrate-restricted diet” that can prevent lifestyle-related diseases.

They are “Rokabo” and “Ketogenic”.

The name changes depending on the amount of sugar you ingest.

“Rokabo” should be limited to 20-40g of sugar per meal.

The idea is that you can get an average of around 100-120g of sugar in a day.

On the other hand, “ketogenic” is a diet method that limits carbohydrates to 50 g or less per day, and is a diet method that athletes actually adopt.

  • Practice / Ketogenic Diet

Therefore, I would like to introduce a recipe for the ketogenic diet, which I would like to recommend, “It was delicious when I made it!” In the Faddy Monitor project.

In fact, it is a popular recipe that says, “Thanks to these recipes, I was able to continue my diet while eating deliciously and full of stomach!”

“Let’s lose weight together! Let’s be

beautiful! Let’s

dress cool! The

photo will change!”

  • Recommended recipes Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet limits carbohydrates.

Everyone who thinks “I know that!

The image of a diet comes with a bad image like “No sweet, no greasy! You can eat vegetables and konjac …”.

The ketogenic diet is different! !!

The purpose is to suppress sugars and make substances called ketone bodies in the body, and if lipids are also suppressed, it will cause the skin to become dry, so it is a diet method that “absolutely ingest lipids”.

Only sugar is reserved. “Eat protein and fat”, this is the basis.

If you’ve already experienced it, you’ll know that the menu is surprisingly troublesome.

So, let me introduce the actual menu.

  • Grilled salmon with garlic oil:

Ingredients] (for 1 person)

Salmon: 1 slice of

olive oil: 2 tablespoons

grated garlic: 1cm

salt  Pepper: Appropriate amount of spinach

Cabbage as you like.

  • How to make

Heat olive oil and garlic in a frying pan.

Bake salt and peppered salmon on both sides.

* For salted salmon, only pepper

If you lay boiled spinach or warm cabbage underneath and sprinkle with olive oil, it will be delicious enough without any extra dressing.

[Energy] 263 kcal per meal

[Nutrient balance] Protein 15.7 g Fat 22.4 g Sugar 0.2 g

  • Lemon basil chicken breast

[Ingredients] (For 1 person)

Tori thigh … 1

lemon juice … 1 tablespoon

chicken glass soup base … 1 teaspoon

potato starch … 1 tablespoon

salt and pepper … appropriate amount

basil … appropriate amount

  • How to make

Cut the chicken breast into bite-sized pieces.

Put chicken breast, lemon juice, and chicken broth in a plastic bag, knead it, and put it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Put potato starch in a plastic bag and sprinkle it.

Bake the chicken breast in a frying pan until browned.

When it becomes brown, turn it over and salt and pepper.

Reduce the heat, cover and cook to the inside.

Finally, sprinkle the basil, salt and pepper while watching the taste, and entangle the basil all over.

[Energy] 263kcal

[Nutrient balance] Protein 16.3g Lipid 19.7g Sugar 0.3g

  • Boiled egg and broccoli salad:

[Material] (for 2 people)

Boiled egg : 3


mayonnaise : 3 tablespoons

soy sauce: ½ teaspoon

salt and pepper

  • How to make

Make a boiled egg and cut it roughly with a spoon.

Boil the broccoli in an ovary.

Put boiled eggs, broccoli, tuna cans, and seasonings in a bowl.

[Energy] 128 kcal per meal

[Nutrient balance] Protein 10.8 g Fat 8.4 g Sugar 3.1 g

  • Stir-fried pork with ponzu sauce

[Material] (2 servings)

pork ··· 160g

sesame oil … appropriate amount of

pepper … a little

mushrooms … 1 pack

eringo … 1/2 pack

ponzu … 2 tablespoons

  • How to make

Spread sesame oil in a frying pan, pepper the pork and bake well.

Add shimeji mushrooms and eryngii, fry, and season with ponzu sauce.

[Energy] 380kcal

[Nutrient balance] Protein 14.2g Lipid 33.1g Sugar 3.3

  • Recommended Recipe Ketogenic Diet-Extra Edition-

In addition, we will introduce the best foods for the ketogenic diet.

  • boiled egg

Eggs are high in protein.

Boiled egg strategy with the slogan “If you are hungry, boiled egg ♪”!

  • miso soup

Miso soup is recommended to have every meal to increase the satisfaction of the stomach. Avoid high-carbohydrate ingredients such as potatoes, and use onions, wakame seaweed, fried tofu, and tofu.

  • MCT oil

The oil that makes it easier for the body to secrete ketone bodies. Add about 1 teaspoon of this to miso soup to make it mellow like pork soup. I’m addicted to it. I hear you can put it in coffee, but I definitely recommend miso soup!

  • Chawanmushi & egg tofu

Among the side dishes, it is recommended as a small bowl. If you add chawanmushi and egg tofu, which are separated in small cups, to your meal, you will be more satisfied!

  • Tofu noodles

With sugar restrictions, staple foods such as white rice, bread, pasta, and udon cannot be eaten. At such times, “tofu noodles” can be the saviour of your heart. The crispy somen-like texture is soothing to the “staple food, the feeling of eating”. It is a recommended food that you can easily get at your local supermarket.

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