Reasons of Belly Fat

In this article, we will thoroughly explain what are the reasons of Belly fat. Women who have more fat than men tend to get hungry and many people think about dieting. Knowing what is causing you to be hungry is the fastest way to get hungry.

  • Why do you get fat only in your stomach? What is the cause?

Only my stomach was popping up … I think there are many people who have such troubles. There are several possible causes for the thickening of the abdomen, not the entire body.

This time, I will introduce the causes of getting hungry and how to eliminate them. Let’s aim to get hungry effectively according to the cause.

Here, we will introduce the causes of women getting hungry and effective remedies for each cause.

Let’s know the cause of your belly getting sick and remove the fat from your belly efficiently.

  • Causes of a chubby belly 1. There is cellulite:

  • Cellulite is a block of fat .

The main reason for cellulite is that you have stored too much fat. Especially around the abdomen, fat tends to accumulate due to the influence of posture, so cellulite tends to increase naturally.

  • Cellulite Remedies: Do Aerobic Exercise

If you’re hungry because of cellulite, you should first be aware of exercising to burn fat. Aerobic exercise increases metabolism by moving the whole body and burns fats attached to the body smoothly.

There are many aerobic exercises that you can do indoors, so even housewives can easily work on it.

  • Causes of a lumpy abdomen 2. Muscle strength in the abdomen is weak:

Women are said to accumulate more fat than men, especially around the abdomen, which tends to be wrapped in thick fat to protect the body.

When the muscle strength around the abdomen is weakened, the fat in the abdomen, which was previously held down by the muscles, tends to come out forward, causing a lumpy abdomen .

Specifically, it is said that weakness of the abdominal muscles, diaphragm, pelvic floor muscles, erector spinae muscles, etc. from the waist to the lower abdomen causes a lumpy abdomen, and to tighten it firmly, increase the muscle strength. Is important.

  • Abdominal muscle strength improvement measures: perform muscle training

In most cases, a woman’s chubby belly cannot be completely improved by just denting her belly with some awareness. In order to regain muscle strength in the abdomen, muscle training that can support fat is indispensable. By consciously performing muscle training that focuses on the abdominal muscles such as the abdominal muscles, you can improve your abdomen .

Muscle training is not enough to just blindly hurt your muscles. Let’s master the tips from the right way and make muscle hypertrophy efficiently.

  • Causes of a chubby belly 3. Poor posture:

Even if you are doing muscle training with little cellulite, you may get hungry if you are in a bad posture.

When it becomes a stoop, the head side falls in front of the abdomen, and the meat naturally falls on the lower abdomen . If the stoop becomes a habit, it will lead to weakness in the back and abdominal muscles, and eventually it will also cause a lumpy stomach.

  • Posture improvement: Stretch

To maintain the correct posture, it is important that your core muscles are highly flexible .

Stretching softens the stiff muscles that induce the stoop and widens the range of motion (range of motion) of the muscles. As a result, the effect of muscle training is improved, and each muscle can be used in a well-balanced manner, leading to a body that is easy to eliminate the correct posture.

Ultimately, muscle training is a very important factor, but if you want to improve your stoop more quickly, we recommend that you work on stretching .

  • Causes of fatness after children 4. Fatness after childbirth

During pregnancy and after childbirth, the body is rested and basal metabolism is reduced. Not only does estrogen, a female hormone, decrease, but the pelvis spreads laterally, making it easier for metabolism to decrease. However, it is dangerous to exercise suddenly after giving birth, so after giving birth, control the amount of food you eat and start a diet slowly without rushing.

  • Causes of a chubby stomach 5. Overeating:

No matter how much you train your core muscles and abdominal muscles to eliminate cellulite, eating too much will not improve your abdomen.

The human body basically loses weight when the calories it consumes exceed the calories it consumes.

Calories burned> Calories burned

On the contrary, when the calorie intake increases, the excess calories become fat and accumulate in the body. Temporary overeating can be adjusted, but long-term overeating may be more than enough reason to have a fat-wrapped body.

  • Overeating Remedies: Review Your Meal Menu

If you realize that your stomach is overeating, you can’t lose weight without reviewing your diet.

First of all, let’s understand your basal metabolism and then determine whether you are eating properly. It is important to understand how much food you are eating by recording it every day, and to review the calorie intake and nutritional balance.

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