Rid of Stubborn Body Fat

Rid of Stubborn Body Fat

What is body fat? Roles and harmful effects

Body fat is a general term for fat in the body.

Fat is essential for maintaining normal body function. The roles in the body are as follows.

  1. Consists of cell membranes, etc.
  2. Save energy
  3. Maintain body temperature
  4. Protect internal organs from external impact

There is an appropriate amount of body fat, and too much or too little can be a burden to the body.

If it is excessive, there is a risk of obesity and lifestyle-related diseases. And if it is insufficient, energy is insufficient and blood vessels and cell membranes become brittle, and in the worst case. It may lead to cerebral haemorrhage and life-threatening.

  • Appropriate body fat mass is based on body fat percentage

Body fat percentage is the ratio of body weight to body weight.

The standard body fat percentage is 18% for men and 23% for women *.

To calculate accurate body fat mass and percentage, it is necessary to measure with CT, ultrasonic waves, X-rays, etc., but it can be easily measured with a commercially available body fat scale. Since errors occur depending on the time of day and measurement conditions (before and after eating, exercising, etc.). It is desirable to measure at a fixed time of the day (after waking up, etc.) and use it as a guide to see if there is a noticeable increase or decrease.

  • What to do to lose body fat

The balance between the amount of energy you get from your diet and the amount of energy you consume is important.

Nutrients that are energy sources such as sugar absorbed into the body from the diet are consumed in the body as much as necessary, but the excess is accumulated as body fat.

Your body fat may have increased even though your diet and exercise should have changed your life.

In such a case, try to devise the intensity and frequency of exercise, the content and time of meals in your life.

  • Remove body fat! Four pearls of wisdom of athletes:

This time, I would like to introduce some of the wisdom of athletes on the theme of removing body fat.


  • When doing aerobic exercise, you should remove it from the fat burn zone where fat burns.

Generally, when you do aerobic exercise, there is a heart rate called the fat burn zone where fat burns the most. Although there are individual differences, the guideline is 65 to 80% of the maximum heart rate. The simplest way to find your maximum heart rate is 220-age. This heart rate is effective in reducing body fat, but as mentioned above, as the loss of body fat progresses to some extent, it enters a stagnation period.

In that case, we dare to go beyond the fat burn zone and introduce a cardio zone, which is a cardio zone for strengthening cardiopulmonary function.

The Cardio Zones can’t last long, so you can do it for a short time, but instead of doing aerobic exercise with just Fat Burn, you can bring your heart rate to the Cardio Zones on a regular basis.

This is also a method used by high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is used by athletes with a lot of muscle mass to aim for fat burning.

  • Look at muscle training.

When you think of losing body fat, you think of aerobic exercise, but even in muscle training, fat is burning. If you want to give a new stimulus to your adaptation, you can take it lightly if you are only doing aerobic exercise on a daily basis.

In addition, the effect will be further improved if it is performed in combination with aerobic exercise.

Try doing aerobic exercise first, then do some muscle training to sweat lightly. The muscle training itself can be free weight or machine, or if you are at home, you can train by your own weight.

Since adrenaline is released and fat is easily decomposed, aerobic exercise suddenly leads to a fat-burning effect.

This is also the reason why athletes who do not normally do aerobic exercise effectively lose body fat when they start doing aerobic exercise.

  • Make 2 hours of hunger.

Metabolism during sleep is called sleep metabolism.

Since it is the minimum energy-saving mode, energy consumption is much lower than when you are doing aerobic exercise, so your body temperature will drop a little.

However, energy is consumed and fat is burning during this time.

Although the efficiency of fat burning per unit time is low. It is a considerable amount of consumption considering the sleeping time of several hours. Moreover, it is every day.

One of the points to improve the efficiency of fat burning during sleep is to be hungry.

When food stays in the stomach, it works in the direction of converting ingested food into body fat instead of converting body fat into energy.

If you exercise hard on an empty stomach with low glycogen, fat will burn while your important muscles will also break down. Therefore, hunger in the resting state of sleep is a great opportunity to preferentially use fat.

In fact, it’s a good idea to allow about two hours between the last meal of the day and bedtime before going to sleep. Two hours to get hungry.

While hunger is a great way to burn fat, it also makes your muscles more prone to breakdown.

If you’re on a diet, it’s a good idea to take a few grams of nine essential amino acids for a pang of hunger before bedtime.

  • The protagonist of removing body fat should be food.

No matter how hard your training menu is, if you consume more calories than that, your body fat will increase. In such a case, it is necessary to review the contents of the meal.

You can’t build muscle with just the dietary elements, but you can lose body fat with just the dietary elements. In other words, food is the main player in removing body fat.

If you’re training so hard and you still can’t get rid of body fat, check your diet once.

At that time, it is basic to suppress lipids and take protein firmly. But it is surprisingly difficult to take protein as a nutrient alone. This is because most foods always contain lipids and sugars.

  • Let’s consciously remove the body fat that has been attached in our daily lives.

Body fat that has been attached once is hard to remove. As you get older, your body’s energy expenditure decreases. So, many people think that it’s easier to gain weight than when you were young. Try to eat a diet that is commensurate with the amount of exercise and activity, and at the same time, take in the tips for consuming body fat into your life.

By reviewing your lifestyle, you should feel that your body is changing to a body that is easier to consume body fat.

Before you hesitate to have a delicious drink, a meal, or a relationship, please give it a try.

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