Coco Chanel – The Evergeen Fashion Icon

Coco Chanel

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel is a pioneer in the liberation of ladies through Fashion. The austere period of her life determines her stylistic behavior on a certain credo: strict cuts, monastic colors, and the cult of purity. To be in devotion with a lighter wardrobe, Coco Chanel refocused on the fundamentals.

How did Coco Chanel got noticed?

At the age of 18, Coco Chanel joined her aunt in Moulins. There, she attempted the sewing job in a workshop which made trousseaux and layettes. Between 1907 and 1908, the young Coco Chanel was determined to come out of her modest style. Eventually, her vision made her with a unique stage debut, and she sang in concert-cafes. They labeled her Coco Chanel, who used to listen to her sing “Who that Coco saw in the Trocadero?”.

Coco Chanel – Becoming a Casual Fashion Chic

Certainly defiant by nature, Coco Chanel allowed herself many freedoms, specifically, in terms of clothing. Her deep knowledge of sewing enabled her to stitch her own clothes, which would prophesy her sleek elegance. In 1910, she opened her first hat shop, called “Chanel Modes”. This shop made her world-famous as Chanel embarked on couture and developed collections against the tide. 

As a passionate designer, she continued her stylistic expansion. Hence, in 1921, she was the first seamstress to market her own perfume. Thanks to the benevolence of the Wertheimer brothers who, from 1924, owned 70% of Chanel perfumes. From 1924, she opened a costume jewelry workshop. Coco Chanel perfume hit the globe in a brief span of time. 

Coco ChanelChanel – The myth and elegance

That of a solid, free lady, she was motivating ladies around the globe. This female model was nothing but pure bliss to today’s fashion stories. No need to put on a tweed suit with a pearl necklace. This simplicity and elegance were first taught by Chanel. She revolutionized fashion with her suit and symbolizes French elegance.

She wants to compete with the talented Christian Dior, who is reviving the fashion of corsets among women. Chanel had one last stroke of genius in 1956: her famous tweed suit with four pockets that would become timeless.

Her Legacy remains forever

Chanel’s clear details on fashion trends have led to a revolutionary model globally. She started from a humble background and lived as a trendsetter among the competitor brands. She may not be with us right now, but her legacy will always remain whenever we refer to the global fashion industry.




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