Think Like A Monk – Must-read By Jay Shetty

Think Like A Monk

Jay Shetty shows us how to implement the values and morals that have influenced him throughout his ‘Think Like a monk’ book. He shows they prepared to use it to work a more rewarding, happier, and wealthier life by integrating the fruits of his learning with the wisdom of ancient sages. The writer offers us the ability to learn from the monks and then adopt their mindset.

Jay Shetty, a speaker, writer, and content producer, has made a name for himself on the internet by sharing the experience and wisdom he gained as a monk at 18. He covers a wide range of subjects, from fitness, wellbeing, and relationships. He is the right one to relay the monks’ information to us because of his personal background and tradition. That’s what Think Like A Monk is all about!

Identity And Negativity – Think Like A Monk

Upper values plus lower values are indeed the two kinds of values. Gratitude exemplifies higher value, while greed exemplifies lower value. Higher ideals owe our life’s purpose and lead us to happiness. Lower ideals contribute to stress and anxiety by pulling us away from our ambitions. Knowing the ideals makes it far easier to share them with others. We got to think like a monk to uplift our good values.

We aspire to impress and be at peace with others without even realizing it. To stop disagreements and to feel like a member of a collective, we strive to adapt. Conformism is the term for this condition. We can apply conformity to both positive and negative components. In a culture where a vast number of people still complain, they exacerbate the urge to complain.

Overcoming Fear And Knowing The Intent

We find ourselves stressed because of how we judge the current moment. When we fear, we envision situations that do not happen and expect events that have not yet happened. Again, separation is the cure for removing yourself from tension. Often people make the error of equating detachment with ignorance. Think like a monk teaches us to overcome fear.

What we don’t like to see can be seen by meditation. It draws attention to the difficulties and provides a forum for contemplation. Breathing varies with feelings, so it’s not uncommon for those responses to be more instinctive and needless. Breathing in a conscious and regulated manner helps you to regulate and shift your energy instantly.

Meaning Of Life – Think Like A Monk

Using experiences from the monastery, he emphasizes the importance of doing even the most strenuous activities. These, at first, encourage you to let open your mind. In a second level, one of these tasks teaches the person who completes it, and it is only by completing a variety of tasks that we can learn which ones relate to and activate us the most.

To get a more pleasant day and do tasks, you wouldn’t usually be able to achieve, Jay suggests waking up a bit earlier than average. This spare time encourages you to forget about your daily obligations. Start by waking up fifteen minutes earlier than usual if you’re having trouble getting out of bed. Increase your weekly time by fifteen minutes at a time.

Controlling Your Mind And Dealing With Ego

While the monk’s mind plans forward, the anxious mind responds. We must avoid triggering the senses to mitigate the mind’s reactive propensity because our perceptions quickly affected the mind. For this, the reasoning must resist difficult-to-control emotional situations: we avoid keeping tempting cookies in our drawers while attempting to stick to a diet, for example. Learn how to control your mind as you learn how to think like a monk.

Our inner self can be hidden thanks to the ego. Our fears lead us to persuade ourselves, as well as the rest of the world, that we are unique and significant. To accomplish this, we construct a false image. The ego needs to be seen, so it encourages us to lie. Most of the time, we dress to please and get others’ attention.

Gratitude And Relationships – Think Like A Monk

The primary goal of expressing thanks to others is to appreciate them as long as it satisfies. Gratitude and compassion are inextricably linked. It’s crucial to not go on autopilot much of the time, just as it’s vital not to be on autopilot in our minds, otherwise, we won’t be able to express our feelings with others like us. Getting in contact with the people in our lives helps us to expand our horizons.


‘Think Like A Monk’ teaches us lessons that are simple to comprehend and apply. Jay is an expert in his field, and you can sense his genuine enthusiasm. I really advise you to read this novel. The book will actually help you work things out and get through them if you’re going through a tough time like stress or a divorce.

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