Tips for removing belly fat

There are many people who want to get rid of belly fat easily but it doesn’t work. However, it is possible to easily remove fat around the abdomen in a short period of time with just a few tips.

Here, we will introduce tips on how to removing belly fat in a short period of time. If you want to get rid of fat in your stomach efficiently, please check it out.

Tips for removing abdominal fat. Train areas with a lot of muscle mass

Why squats are effective for dieting

Muscle training leads to increased muscle mass and increased the minimum daily calorie “basal metabolism”. However, each muscle has its own size, and even if you train only small muscles, basal metabolism cannot be increased efficiently.

In order to raise basal metabolism smoothly, it is a shortcut to train mainly on large muscles . The muscles that are especially large in the body are mostly in the lower body such as the thighs, buttocks, and calves, so if you are aiming for effective training, focus on training the lower body.

As an effective way to train your lower body at home, we will explain the training menu for the four parts of the buttocks, front thighs, back thighs, and calves.

  • How to remove belly fat? What is the recommended menu for women?

A diet that tightens the abdomen and eliminates the lumpiness of the lower abdomen

Massage is recommended to remove fat because it is around the abdomen, which is a part where fat easily accumulates and it is difficult to exercise. You can lose a few centimeters by continuing.

Here are some tips and tricks for women to get rid of belly fat . Efficiently massage to remove belly fat.

  • Massage 1. How to remove belly fat?

A recommended menu for a week-long diet message: Remove swelling of the belly

One of the recommended massage methods for women is a belly thinning massage that allows you to aim for a panko belly just by rubbing. By continuing, you can also make a constriction. Let’s see the right way to lose weight around your abdomen.

  • The right way to massage

Lightly hold both hands on the belly

Tap the entire belly “lightly” to knock

Push the entire abdomen with both hands in a well-balanced manner

At the time of (3), let’s work while checking if the muscles around the abdomen are loosened.

Spread your hands and use both hands to “strengthen” and loosen the fat in your abdomen.

Press strongly around the navel clockwise with your fingertips

Expand the circle little by little

Push the meat on the flank strongly toward the navel.

Push from under your navel toward your feet

Perform movements (1) to (10) three times a day

  • End

The guideline for massage ① is 3 times a day.

Massage tips

Perform clockwise according to the placement of the intestines

Apply a little stronger pressure

Continue and make it a habit

Use cream or oil

The point of the belly thinning massage is to massage with a little stronger pressure. Because it is a part where thick fat is likely to be formed, strengthening the force to soften the hardened fat is a shortcut to getting hungry.

  • Massage 2. How to remove belly fat?

Massage the intestines to eliminate bloating in the lower abdomen

If you get hungry due to overeating or decreased intestinal metabolism, muscle training alone will not be enough. By incorporating a massage that works on the intestines, you can work on the intestinal environment and aim for a panko stomach.

  • The right way to massage

Take a deep breath to calm your breathing

Place your left hand under the left rib and grab it

Grab your right hand around your hip bone (the protruding bone next to your hip)

Knead and loosen with light force

Continue for one and a half minutes

Swap both hands up and down and do again for one and a half minutes

  • End

The guideline for massage ② is 1 and a half minutes x 2 sets. If your body is still tense, be aware that you should take a deep breath to soften it.

Massage tips

Knead and loosen with the image that the function of the intestines becomes active

Image of slowly and slowly rubbing

Gently squeeze

Take a deep breath before doing

Since it is a massage that works on the intestines, it is important to gently massage and loosen it with the image that the intestines work actively.

If you do it carefully, the effect of relieving constipation will increase, and it will lead to a more refreshing abdominal circumference.

  • Massage 3. How to remove belly fat

  • Massage to reduce belly fat

The fat in the abdomen is attached to the front at first, but gradually it is attached around the waist to eliminate the constriction. Here, we will introduce massage methods and tips to remove abdominal fat around the waist.

It’s an easy menu to work on, so let’s prepare the environment so that excess fat around the waist can be burned efficiently.

  • The right way to massage

So, Pinch the right edge of your stomach with your fingers and pull your right hand up and your left hand down.

Swap the top and bottom of the left and right hands while shifting both hands, and gradually move to the left

Therefore, After moving to the end, make 5 round trips in the opposite direction

Use the pad of your finger to massage the area around the navel clockwise once and drain the lymph toward the groin.

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