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What is an effective way to lose weight for you?

No matter how many times you try, you won’t lose weight … You may not be able to choose the diet method that suits you. Want to find an effective diet method that suits you? It is said that whether or not you succeed in dieting depends on whether or not you are on a diet that suits you. How can you find the right one? But it’s a shortcut to success. It is important to know what diet method is available for that. Find the one that suits you best.

List of diet methods

There are two main dieting methods, but the basic idea is to reduce subcutaneous fat by making “calorie intake calorie consumption”.

  • Dietary diet method to reduce calorie intake

It’s a way to lose weight by reducing the calories you store in your body from your diet. Subcutaneous fat is reduced by reducing the calorie intake of the formula “calorie intake <calorie consumption”. The key to this method is to secure nutrients that enter the body while reducing calories. There are several ways to go on this diet.

  • Recording diet

A diet that was popular a while ago, this is a method of controlling calories by visualizing the calories ingested in the diet. By writing down what you ingested, you can see what goes into your body. You can reflect on taking too much, and you can correct it.

  • 1 meal replacement diet

It’s a long-standing and popular diet method that simply replaces one meal with a diet drink. Recently, it has become indispensable for dieting because it is easy and easy to incorporate. However, the era of losing weight is over. Now it makes sense to lose weight beautifully. It also contains nutrients and is reasonably priced, so take it into your diet and lose weight beautifully.

  • Carbohydrate-free diet

Until the replacement diet was sold, the mainstream diet was to remove carbohydrates. There is nothing to prepare, and many people use it as an introduction to dieting as it can be put into practice immediately from that day.

  • Food replacement diet

I want to eat pasta even while I’m on a diet. I want to eat rice … There is such a time. In such cases, try using vermicelli or Shirataki instead of pasta. The rest will be seasoned normally. As for rice, low-calorie ones are available. Originally developed from hospital food, it is also popular for dieting. However, it is a little expensive, so try to incorporate it once in a while.

  • Diet support with supplements

If your diet is calorie-restricted and you don’t have enough nutrients for the day, you may want to try supplements. However, supplements are meant to be supportive, so don’t take all the nutrients you need.

  • Exercise diet method to increase calories burned

This diet method is a method of losing weight by increasing calories burned. Subcutaneous fat is reduced by increasing the number of calories burned in the formula “calories ingested <calories burned”. As a general rule, this method consumes more calories than the body enters, so it takes more time and effort than the previous method. It also makes sense to burn high calories, but it doesn’t make any sense unless you exercise for a long time. There are several ways to go on this diet.

  • Diet by jogging

It is the best way to diet by exercising your whole body and consuming high calories. If you get used to it, you will be able to jog for about an hour, so anyone can try it. By the way, the calorie consumption of jogging is “weight (kg) x distance (km) = calories burned (Kcal)”. If a 50 kg woman runs for 1 hour (8 km running slowly), she can burn 400 kcal. It’s about 160 calories per serving of pasta, or about 160 calories per cup of rice, so it’s worth a lot of consumption.

  • Diet by swimming

Along with jogging, we also recommend swimming, which allows you to burn high calories without worrying about injury due to whole-body exercise. Skills are required for swimming, and it seems that calorie consumption varies considerably from person to person. However, looking at the average calories burned from several sites, it is about 800 to 1000 kcal for a woman’s 1-hour crawl, about 500 kcal for a breaststroke hour, and about 200 kcal for an hour of underwater walking. It’s not as easy as jogging or walking because it requires space and skill, but it may be worth starting if you’re serious about dieting.

  • A special diet such as partial thinning

Part of the body … For example, if you want to lose weight only in the lower body, legs, and upper arms. You can expect a tightening effect by adding muscles to the part you want to lose weight, which leads to weight loss. In addition. The fasting diet is a diet method that aims to improve the constitution by resetting (detoxifying) the inside of the body once. We also hear people say that constipation has disappeared due to the detox effect, so if you are worried, try it.

  • Lower body diet

It is the mainstream to go to manipulative treatment and salons. It is recommended for those who want to keep the other parts as they are, as you can do something that works only on the part you want to lose weight. It’s difficult to lose weight by yourself, so let’s leave it to a professional. In addition to the lower body, there seem to be various things such as wanting to lose weight only on the upper arms and legs.

  • Diet with the detoxification effect of petit fasting

It seems that you can expect a detoxification effect during the night by skipping meals only at night and emptying the intestines as much as possible. There are voices saying that the stool has become softer and easier to get out, so if you are worried, try it.

  • How to find a way to lose weight that suits you

It is important to choose a diet method that suits you in order to make your diet successful. Unfortunately, if you haven’t found a method that suits you, you won’t succeed and you may end up with repeated rebounds. Let’s find it at this opportunity.

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